Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation Package

  • One hour SEO Consultation
  • Keyword Research
  • Submit Google Sitemap
  • Install SEO Plugins
  • Verification of Google Location
  • SEO of past blog posts
  • SEO of all website pages
  • Google AdWord Management

Google first page ranking, the ultimate goal in Search Engine Optimisation

There is a race to the top, but it is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.  It takes daily effort, mental endurance and a clear goal.  Don’t get overwhelmed by the journey. Learn what needs to be done and do a bit everyday.  Start with these SEO tips.  You do not need to be an IT genius, but you do need to get internet and social media savvy and have access to creating content on your website.

The rules change constantly, so don’t treat this list like the the Ten Commandments, rather implement what you can and then make SEO your hobby.

1. The following might seem like obvious questions, but humour me.  Do you have a website?  Do you like it?  Is it well designed and relevant to your industry?  Is it worth the effort to optimise?  If not, then this is where you need to pause.  Invest is an effective blog/website then return to this list.

2.  Pay attention to every blog post and page on your website.  Installing the Yoast plugin will take the guess work out of creating content and ensure that all your content is SEO ready.  Caution, you will get obsessed about the Green Dot!

3.  Make sure you have all of the following platforms set up:  Google +, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube.  Why?  Well if you’re going to do this thing then you might as well do it well.  Create platforms that can link back to your website.

4. Get a handle on Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Google Adwords.  Come on, don’t freak out, just Google it.

5. Verify your business location with Google.  They will send you a postcard with a verification number (very cool to get a postcard from Google!)

6. Find places to list your website.  It’s important to have high quality links back to your site, so list on relevant directories, create content for other blogs with links back to yours, share links on all your social media platforms.  Get creative, earn the links rather than spam irrelevant websites.

7. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly – It’s super easy to find out if it is, just Click Here.

8.  When creating content use your own voice.  You’re not creating an academic paper, you are appealing to real people.

9.  When running Google Adwords, pay attention to location.  Are you appealing to a local or international market?  Clever targeting will help you stand out against the masses.

10. Make use of Google Trends to compare search terms – eg. Wedding Planners vs Wedding Coordinators vs Event Planners vs Event Management

11.  The most important thing is to stay consistent and educated.  SEO is a dynamic mystery and you need to stay ahead of the game.  Don’t be caught implementing strategies that are outdated.

If this all sounds good and well, but you have no interest in making SEO your obsession or hobby, then Contact Us…..we love this stuff!!