16 Aug

The Power of Facebook Pixel

facebook pixel

Facebook Pixel is a piece of code for your website. It allows you to measure, optimise, and build an audience for your advertising campaigns. By learning more about the traffic which visits your site, you can see when customers take actions and reach them again with your custom audience settings.

As more people come to your site and take specific actions, Facebook Pixel can then deliver advertising to the visitors who are more likely to convert.

Benefits of Using Facebook Pixel

There are three critical benefits that you receive with this option:

1. You can measure conversions across devices

This advantage lets you know how your cross-device advertising influences your overall conversion rate.

2. You optimise the delivery actions

You can make sure that your advertising is shown to the visitors who are most likely to take a specific action, which means your ROI can climb dramatically over time.

3. You create custom audiences

Dynamic advertising through Facebook gives you the chance to automatically show your visitors the products they viewed on your website. You can also show related items to encourage even more conversions.

Is Facebook Pixel Right for You?

 If you are using Facebook Business and social media advertising to boost the presence of your brand, then you need this item. All you need is access to your website’s code to get started.

Place the base code on every page, and then add standard events to the Pixel to your special pages, like your add-to-cart confirmation. You may need the help of a developer to complete this process.

You can find out more about Facebook Pixel by visiting your ad campaign on the social media platform.

Find out how we would use the Facebook Pixel to help market your company by requesting a Marketing Proposal.



19 Jun

Outsourcing in the Digital Marketing World


As companies around the world embrace the evolution of the transformative digital process, there is another race happening simultaneously: outsourcing.

The number of opportunities to find progress in the digital marketing world with outsourcing is numerous. Agencies are using everything from public cloud services to offsite equipment management to handle their transformation requirements. The global outsourcing IT market was already valued at $299 billion in 2017.

Infrastructure is not the only benefit for agencies to consider as they embrace the digital world. Marketing needs benefit from outsourcing as well.

Why Choose to Outsource Digital Marketing?

Multiple benefits occur when you outsource your digital marketing needs. Here are a few that you can expect to see right away with this investment.

  1. You receive instant expertise from a team of experts for the price that it would take to bring one professional into your firm to provide services.
  1. There is an assurance of a return on this investment since the focus of this work is to find and develop new leads so that you earn higher revenues.
  1. It gives you more time to focus on the core concepts of your business instead of worrying about how to establish better marketing strategies. Outsourcing helps you to plan and develop independently without losing control over the process.
  1. You can benefit from ongoing improvements and the latest trends without making additional investments into your infrastructure.

Companies that look forward toward digital while using traditional outsourcing approaches can free up valuable resources without sacrificing quality. Consider this option if you are ready to see how fast your business could transform.