12 Jun

The READY Model

ready model

How do you identify your future customers to ensure that they are aware of your brand and message? The challenge is to take unaware prospects through the READY model towards converting them into new clients.

The READY Model

R – Really Unaware

E – Educate

A – Aware

D – Decide

Y – Yes

Every business must work to generate leads from a group of prospects that are Really Unaware of who you are at this exact moment. Your goal is simple: to attract strangers who want to become your customers one day.

If you have ever written a blog post, tried SEO, or had people fill out surveys, then you have started this process.

How to Manage the Issue of Rejection

When a prospect rejects your company, it can hurt. You are investing a lot of resources to reach out to these people, and their rejection makes it feel like there is no value in what you offer.

You can choose to double-down on your efforts to win over the next prospect, or you can decide to give up. Far too often, the latter happens using an excuse like one of these.

  • We don’t have enough money to continue.
  • Our efforts have been ineffective anyway.
  • There isn’t enough internal expertise to create results.

All of these issues are manageable when your business stays in control of the narrative. People are unaware of who you are for many reasons, but your value to them is still the same.

By communicating how you can solve specific problems for these prospects, then you will generate interest in your brand message. This outcome allows you to get your foot in the door so that the entire READY model can transition that stranger into a valued customer in time.

You can implement this process within your business today. All it takes is an indomitable spirit, a valuable product or service, and a willingness to engage. Are you ready to get started?

27 May

Power of a Sales Funnel

power of a sales funnel

Whether you are a business of one or are part of the C-Suite in a large firm, knowing the power of a sales funnel is what takes your work to the next level.

Your funnel is what guides prospects through your sales process, helping them to understand the necessary steps to purchase something while learning more about its value.

A High-Quality Sales Funnel Provides Results

Do you see a lot of potential customers backing out of your sales process before completing a transaction? Then a sales funnel can help you to identify the obstacles which cause this issue. It works to eliminate any blockages that could stop someone from saying yes.

Your sales funnel provides another opportunity to follow up on your leads too. Instead of letting a prospect fall through the cracks, you can keep them in your pipeline even when life gets busy. Ignoring deals that feel unimportant can cause you to lose a big win.

You become more productive with your follow up processes with a sales funnel because there is more data available. If your prospect left behind information about their pain points that you can address, it is easier to provide the data needed to create a new customer.

Additional Benefits of a Sales Funnel

A sales funnel gives you internal data to use too. You can track how well your team closes deals, collect information for possible investors, and create more predictability in your results.

Most importantly, the power of a sales funnel works to reduce your stress. It provides you with practical steps that allow you to identify problems and maintain what you do well simultaneously.

Instead of pushing more people toward a purchase, a funnel pulls them toward you. It shows that what you offer is essential, which creates more interest in your target market. L

Let us show you how you can see instant results by building you a customised sales funnel for your business.  Contact us for a free consultation or get started building your own Sale Funnel.